Turbine engine repair and overhaul

Dallas Airmotive is a business operating unit of BBA Aviation plc, a worldwide aviation services company headquartered in London, England. BBA Aviation’s Aftermarket Services Division integrates the experience and expertise of the world’s top engine service companies into a comprehensive, globe-spanning network that is dedicated to providing around-the-clock aircraft maintenance support no matter where you operate an aircraft. BBA Aviation also operates a Flight Services Division that provides aircraft fueling, baggage handling and ground support for business and commercial aviation operators around the globe.

BBA Aviation purchased Dallas Airmotive in 1997. H+S Aviation and Airwork Corporation (now part of Dallas Airmotive), acquired in 1998, augmented our reach and scope. In 2008, International Turbine Service, a supplier of turbine engines, parts, components and accessories, and W.H. Barrett Turbine Engine Company, a specialty provider to the Honeywell TFE731 market, joined and strengthened the group. In 2012, International Governor Services was added to enhance our engine controls offering.

Together, the BBA Aviation group of companies constitutes one of the world’s leading engine repair and overhaul service networks. For details on the history and capabilities of the remarkable companies that comprise BBA Aviation, please follow the links at left. For additional information about our parent company, BBA Aviation, please visit www.bbaaviation.com.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The management and employees of BBA Aviation acknowledge our responsibility to conduct the affairs of our business in a thoughtful and responsible manner, taking into full account the ways in which we impact our workforce, their families, the local and business community and the environment. To that end, we embrace the following guiding principles of business conduct.

  • To treat all employees fairly, equitably and with respect;
  • To observe basic human rights;
  • To be a responsible neighbor in the community;
  • To protect the environment for future generations;
  • To operate ethically and with integrity. 

Dallas Airmotive acknowledges and agrees to abide by the policies and procedures issued by BBA Aviation plc in support of these principles, including policies addressing Equal Opportunities and Anti-Harassment; Human Rights; Health, Safety and Environmental Management; Corporate Social Responsibility and Code of Business Ethics; and Competition Law Compliance.

We recognize that Corporate Social Responsibility is a work in process that requires continuous effort and encouragement across our workforce. To ensure that these guiding principles are being actively pursued, management monitors performance on a regular basis and encourages all employees to take a personal role in supporting these principles as an integral part of their employment obligations and decision-making processes. We measure successful job performance in part by evaluating each employee’s commitment to these principles on a regular basis and annually report our progress to BBA Aviation plc senior management.

BBA Aviation in compliance with the Zero Injury Philosophy + Process campaign which, as the name suggests, creates a culture committed to the health and safety for all workers.

Vision, Mission and Values

At BBA Aviation we have a vision on which we focus every day: To be a dynamic, world-class supplier to the global aerospace industry, continuously delivering exceptional performance.

We strive to realize our vision through our mission: To grow exceptional, long-term, sustainable value for all our stakeholders through:

  • Exceeding customer expectations and competitor offerings.
  • Continuously improving market-leading and innovative businesses.
  • Working together for greater gain.
  • Being an employer of choice for empowered individuals in a safe and sustainable environment.
  • Always behaving with integrity and respect.

BBA Aviation Aftermarket Services companies

  • Dallas Airmotive
  • H+S Aviation
  • W.H. Barrett Turbine Engine Company
  • International Turbine Service
  • International Governor Services
  • Ontic

BBA Aviation Flight Support companies

  • Signature Flight Support
  • Signature TECHNICAir

BBA Aviation Values

Everyday we put our values into action with pride:

We earn the trust and respect of our stakeholders with honesty, fairness openness and by honouring our commitments.
We are committed to managing our impact on, and contributing positively to society and the environment.
We strive continually to anticipate customer needs,exceeding their expectations.
We focus on delivery of long-term and sustainable value, continuous improvement and reliability.
We are dedicated to safety and security, the elimination of hazards and protecting people,property and our environment.
We are committed to investing in and empowering our people through training and education and to providing them with opportunities for rewarding careers.

Our mission is exemplified through the values we practice.